First Lady Fiona Moody

Fiona Robinson Moody has been involved in Christian ministry since she was 13 years old and has served alongside her husband, Reverend Carl Moody Sr., throughout their marriage of nearly 4 years. As a charismatic speaker, she draws heavily from her education and background in Public Relations and she totally depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit.



A spirited woman by nature, First Lady Moody or Lady Fee, as she is affectionately referred to by friends of Light in the Lord, possesses the rare ability to make people laugh, to make people feel loved and appreciated as she works to complement her husband’s ministry. In addition to raising her two step sons, she has assumed an active role as Co-Pastor of Light in the Lord where her husband serves as Pastor. She is very active in the community and believes in empowering everyone she meets. She has a passion for helping people who are in need of a hand up, and she believes in being financially wealthy so funds will be available for home and for the up-building of the Ministry for the Lord.


First Lady Moody is the founder and CEO of a Non for Profit Organization called Yes Indeed, where she grants wishes to people in need. She is also the founder and CEO of Lady Fee and Associates (#no1leftbehind) where she shows others how to earn an income from the comfort of their home. She desires to travel the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, share her knowledge of earning from home and to assist churches or organizations in their effort to raise funds to further their ministry or organization.
First Lady Moody desires to teach women how to love their husband, she believes we are in a society where people have lost sight of the plan God put in place for marriage. She loves her husband, respects her husband and desires to be an example to others who are in need of a role model in marriage. She believes that a close relationship with God will take you further than anyone or anything on earth could.